Drilling 4 Oil

2013 | Triple Threat | Runtime: 2h 15min

Tags: Anal, Outdoors, One on one, Toys, Facial, Swallow, Tattoo, Brunette, Blonde, Titfuck, Compilation, Blowjob, Anal Male With Female Anal Sex, Cum In Open Mouth, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Gaper, Piledriver, Missionary Position, bedroom, M On F, Anal Queens

OK, so we ain't talkin' real oil here, but we're drilling soaking wet vaginas, until we give the girl a cumshot that resembles gushing oil, when a driller strikes black gold for the first time. These desperate ladies will allow their hardcore sex partners to drill any one of their three cock sockets until the derrick begins throbbing, knowing they just struck the mother load of cum!


Drilling 4 Oil Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Trimmed, Toys

Drilling 4 Oil Scene 2

Starring: Not known

Tags: Blonde

Drilling 4 Oil Scene 3

Starring: Not known

Tags: Brunette, Anal, Trimmed, Titfuck

Drilling 4 Oil Scene 4

Starring: Not known

Tags: Blonde, Anal

Drilling 4 Oil Scene 5

Starring: Not known

Tags: Anal, Tattoo

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