Dare You

1995 | Caballero | Runtime: 1h 9min

Tags: Feature, Plot Oriented, Classic, Cunnilingus, Blowjob, No Sex - Dialogue/Plot, Striptease, Missionary Position, Fondling, Cowgirl, Living Room, Contemporary, Sex, 90's

Adult movie Dare You from Caballero. This 1995 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: So you think you've seen it all on those crazy talk shows? Well the lovely Ms. Dare is the host of the wildest talk show of them all! The guests appearing on DARE YOU not only talk about their sexual fantasies, they get to act them out - on nationwide TV in front of millions of viewers! Oprah, Phil, Geraldo and Sally are tame by comparison. This is the show to watch... we DARE YOU!


Dare You Scene 1

Starring: Kimberly Kummings, Blake Palmer, Rachel St. Marie

Tags: Trimmed, Strap-On

Dare You Scene 2

Starring: Jill Kelly, TT Boy

Tags: Not known

Dare You Scene 3

Starring: Rachel Love, Rebecca Lord

Tags: Not known

Dare You Scene 4

Starring: Rebecca Lord, Alex Sanders

Tags: Trimmed

Dare You Scene 5

Starring: Jill Kelly, Alex Sanders

Tags: Not known

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