Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 31

2002 | Dane Productions | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine

Tags: College, Just Legal

Adult movie Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 31 from Dane Productions. This 2002 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: MILLENNIUM (Vivi-Ann, JJ Michaels) The end of a thousand years. Could the sign of the Beast 666 actually be 999 – as in 1999? A young couple decides to spend New Year’s Eve at home. A radio show broadcasts the apocalypse. Is it really the end of days? Find out in MILLENNIUM HOT TUB CONFESSIONS (Katie, Samantha) The newcomers to the business give their insight and views on the adult business today. Katie is a first-timer who is a little nervous about her first time in front of a camera. Once the sex starts, the nervousness disappears and her natural, youthful sexuality reveals itself. THE RETURN OF BILLY DYCE (Shayla Heart, Joel Lawrence) Billy was always a loser. He defined the term “Nerd”. Billy’s greatest dream was to get laid. Follow Billy’s quest to nail one of the best looking girls in school. UNIVERSAL BEAUTY (Eve, Herschel Savage) He was tired of living, tired of the rat race. He wanted out. His marriage was a sham. His daughter treated him like shit. His reason for being was questionable to him. Thoughts of suicide jangled in his head. Till his daughter’s friend walked in. DVD Features: -Full Length Feature -Large Photo Gallery -Playable Worldwide -Interactive Menus -Cast Biographies -Digital Clarity -Chapter Selections


Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 31 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

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