Blastro Van

2003 | Rodney Moore | Runtime: 2h 19min | Series: Rodney Moore

Tags: Teen, Gonzo, Reality Based, Pov, Handjob, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Spooning, Ball Sucking, Deep Throat, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Facial, Sex, Outdoors, Cumshot, Oral Sex, Bus / Van / Car, Reality

Rodney Moore, the master of the facial, has taken his fetish to new depths with the Blastrovan. He and a small camera crew cruise the area in the BlastroVan looking to see what the local girls will do for money. At approximately 2 pm on Saturday afternoon, a female jogger was stopped by a man in a van who claimed to be videotaping a cable TV show called The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money. He asked the woman if she would be interested in being on the show. When she inquired as to what some of the crazy things would be, he offered her money for her bra. Giggling, she removed the article of clothing. Soon after, the man offered her more money to remove her panties. Right there on the street, she slid her red panties down her long legs and handed them to him. He then offered her even more money to take off her top and skirt. She of course could not do that since she would then be naked. So he offered her something else to wear, and told her she could change in the back of his van. DONT WORRY, I CAN'T SEE YOU She said she couldn't be naked in front of a stranger, but he told her he had come prepared with a black sheet to hold up while he changed. Unbeknownst to her however, the man was actually able to peer at her succulent breasts and tasty vagina as she removed her clothes, since the sheet could be seen through from his angle. The man gave her a nasty slut outfit to put on, including high heels, then asked her to walk around outside to make sure they would fit. As she walked around, her rammed the video camera up her butt. The girl was very excited about being on television, but the man told her there was only a few slots, and there was lots of competition between the girls. He then told her he could increase her chances of getting on the air if she was willing to perform oral sex on him. However, she told him that she had a boyfriend and had promised him that she should would not ever have any other man's penis in her mouth or pussy. I THINK WE HAVE HIM ON A TECHNICALITY When he asked her if her boyfriend specifically had told her she couldn't give another dude a handjob, she scratched her head and said no. Ah he said, taking her hand and wrapping it around his erect shaft. You can stroke it and still keep your promise. He then asked her if the things she couldn't have in her mouth included another man's nuts. She said no, and sure enough, she got down on the floor of the van and proceeded to lick his balls. I DON'T EVEN DO THAT WITH MY BOYFRIEND When the man asked her if he would lick a little lower, she said she'd never done that with anyone before. Of course, it was not on her boyfriend's list of things not to do. And since she did want to be on the show, she consented to lap at the man's bunghole, licking it and caressing it with her tongue. After a few more sexual activities that didn't make it on her boyfriend's NO NO list, the man could take it no more and spunked all over her face. Then he sent her outside, with the splooge dripping off her chin. At approximately 3pm on Saturday afternoon, a man in a van stopped a woman on the sidewalk and claimed to be filming a television program called The Crazy Things Girls Will Do For Money. As he aimed his video camera at her, he started offering her money to sell him articles of her clothing. Conversation was at first strained, because the woman was French Canadian and spoke very little English, but soon the man was able to convey to her that he was offering her cash to sell him her bra and panties. I PROMISE I WON'T LOOK The woman removed her bra from under her coveralls for $40, but it took an offer of $80 for her to sell him her panties. However, wearing coveralls, she was unable to remove them on the sidewalk without getting indecent in public. The man then said she could undress in the back of his van, and he promised he would not look back at her, but keep staring forward while she removed her undergarment. She was unaware as she stripped naked in his vehicle that the man was able to sneakily watch her by aiming his camera at the rear view mirror. After she had removed her panties and redressed, he suddenly jumped back with her and offered her more money if she would look at his penis. I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT The woman was appalled but he continued to offer her more cash until she agreed to stare at his member. He whipped it out, then again offered her yet more money if she would touch the thing. Finally she consented, and handled his manhood while he grabbed her other hand and wrapped it around his nuts. The man told her to think how good his large organ would feel inside her, and soon she was persuaded to remove her coveralls again and spread her legs wide apart so he could thrust his prick deep inside her. The van starting rocking right on the busy street as they had intercourse in many positions. She then performed fellatio on the man to completion. When they went outside for fresh air, her face was covered in semen, and the man took pictures of her with goo dripping off her chin right on the sidewalk. Then he gave her a towel to wipe the sperm off her mouth, and she walked away. At approximately 1 pm on Friday afternoon, a female jogger was stopped by a man in a van who claimed to be videotaping a cable TV show called The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money. He asked the woman if she would be interested in being on the show. When she inquired as to what some of the crazy things would be, he offered her $20 to flash her bosoms. She turned that offer down, but when he upped it to $40, up came her flimsy top. Soon after, the man bribed her into dropping her jogging shorts and revealing her booty for all the world to see. Soon he had persuaded her to get into the van. YOU'RE A COCK TEASE! Once inside, the man actually persuaded the girl to let him fondle her mammaries and touch her buttocks. Then he unexpectedly revealed to her his erect member. He blamed her for the rigid state of his sex organ, and demanded that she touch it. Shortly thereafter, the man convinced her that putting his large penis into her mouth and slurping on it was the proper thing to do. She proceeded to perform very sloppy wet fellatio on his member. Eventually, the stimulation of her tongue and mouth on his penis produced a huge gush of semen all over her cute face. Anxious to get back to her jogging, she exited the vehicle and started running down the sidewalk in the park. The man followed her with his camera, capturing spermatazoa still seeping from her chin and face. At approximately 4 pm Wednesday, a sweet and innocent looking girl was stopped by a man in a mini van. He claimed to be working for a TV show about the crazy things girls will do for money. He offered the girl, Leah Stevenson, age 24, a chance to be on TV if she was willing to sell him various pieces of her clothing, starting with her panties. Enticed by the money, she removed her undergarments right on the sidewalk. He then offered her money for her dress. GOOD GIRL GOES BAD Apparently her desire for money overcame her common sense as she entered the van, and boldly removed her dress. Surprised by her sudden nakedness, the stranger offered her a slut dress and more money if she would parade her half-nude body on the street. Startled passersby could not believe it as she asked them what they thought of her ho-wear. Back in the van, she was now willing to do anything the stranger asked. She sucked the strangers slimy cock, then he thrust it into her tight pussy in numerous positions as motorists passed by the rocking van. GIRL PARADED ON STREET WITH CUM ON FACE Not just satisfied to drop a huge spunk load in her mouth, the stranger insisted that she parade his handiwork on the street for others to see. She then walked down the sidewalk as horrified motorists spotted her with goo dripping off her chin. Finally, as they sped away, she accosted pedestrians with questions from the van, with her face still gleaming with semen!


Blastro Van Scene 1

Starring: Sadie

Tags: Handjob, Natural, Rim Job

Blastro Van Scene 2

Starring: Not known

Tags: Handjob, Deep Throat, Cowgirl, Spooning, Natural, Missionary Position

Blastro Van Scene 3

Starring: Daisy Marie

Tags: Handjob, Deep Throat, Natural

Blastro Van Scene 4

Starring: Leah Stevenson

Tags: Handjob, Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Natural, Missionary Position

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