Little Asian Ass Lickers 2

2007 | Third World Media | Runtime: 2h 5min | Series: Little Asian Ass Lickers

Tags: One On One, Masturbation, Facial, Lingerie, Creampie, Solo, Fishnet, Brunette, All Sex, Ass Licking, International, Interracial, Rim Job, Blowjob, Asian, Asian Sex, Big Ass, Anal Queens, Natural Breasts, Small Tits, Gonzo, Analingus, Teen

Since the release of Third World Media's - Little Asian Ass Lickers #1, the phrase Me Luv Lick Man-Butt has been heard buzzing about the Thai countryside. With our help, the girls have finally come to understand that most men are totally cool with a young female tongue prodding and penetrating the male sphincter corridor. There is absolutely nothing gay about this sort of activity!! Little Asian Ass Licker's #2 is back to highlight this hot and quickly growing trend as it unfolds throughout the community of service girls in Thailand. Mr. Kinkade is a travellin' man and Bangkok is a very hot and sweaty place. 98% humidity can create a lot of discomfort for a man, especially in his groin area. A thorough Ass-Licking, followed by a good hard romping with a Thailand whore, has proven to be a very therapeutic way for Mr. Kinkade to pass the long hot days as he toils in Bangkok. Mam may only be 19 years old, but from the looks of things her fuck hole has been very well utilized for at least several years now... Her deep dark clam hole is complimented by a set of smaller titties with perky dark chocolate nipples. Kinkade needs a good ass cleansing and this girl knows how to deliver the service he desires. She rubs his nuts and licks his sweaty stank pit clean. Kinkade, being the kind hearted guy he is, is nice enough to return the ass licking favor before attempting to cram all 11 inches of his hard meat down her throat and up her pussy. He breaks ground for a new express lane in her already super-wide vaginal tunnel, as she takes periodic breaks to care for his lonely, yet hard working sphincter. She resembles a little pussy cat sucking up a bowl of milk, as she goes from licking his ass to sucking his cock and riding his fat shaft. He pulls out of her pussy time after time and allows her the pleasure of licking up her own juices as well. They fuck for a very long time, before he finally offloads a thick white creamy load all over her mid-section. After rubbing his own load all over his nuts and ass, he allows Mam to get her very last lick of cum-covered ass on this very long and hard day. Oh is our beautiful, young and very petite Cover Girl. She is only 18 years old and still quite inexperienced. Licking ass is something new for her, but being a smart whore, she picks up on the skill very quickly. Kinkade points his bunghole northbound offering this youngster her first anal taste testing. She finishes licking and quickly heads for his cock in a futile attempt to swallow his fat hog. Her small mouth barely embraces an inch or two before she spreads her skinny legs to straddle his monster cock. Kinkade prefers to be in a control of most situations as he tosses this lightweight Thai whore around like a cheap imitation rag doll. This girl is hardly half the size of Kinkade and he comes damn close to splittin this little bitch in half!! Her pussy proves to tight for Kinkade to fight any longer, as doggy style leads to a healthy load, which he serves up all over her pretty little face. After slapping her on the head with his still hard and dripping cock, he stuffs her cum-drenched face into his anal crevice for a quick desert before sending her ass back to the Bangkok streets. Oh makes a second appearance in the first Bonus Scene, rubbing her tiny pussy for the pleasure of our Director and you too.... Goi has a very sexy Dom look. She is 20, with a small frame yet perfectly formed titties and a mini bubble butt. She likes to wear slutty makeup and has a very sexy hang tooth which turns on all the boys. She sucks Kinkade's cock and uses a lot of hand play to compensate for her inability to get more than just a few inches of his manhood down her throat. When it comes to licking his ass however, she goes all tongue and no hands and attaches herself to his bung area like a leach sucking blood from an unsuspecting parasite. Mr. Kinkade throws her legs behind her head as he penetrates and then punishes her by making her lick his sweaty a-hole at regular intervals. This happens over and over again, and she doesn't seem to mind a bit as his full pleasure is her modest satisfaction. He returns the favors by dumping a hefty load all over her ass, wiping it up with his nuts and ass, and giving her one final lick of his hairy and persperating crotch. Bee is 22 years old but looks more like 18. She ways 95 pounds and has beautiful lactating tootsie roll nipples. She is very horny as she sits on the sofa pleasuring herself. Her own soft touch, brings this skinny girl with a super fleshy pussy, very close to orgasm on several occasions. I want lick ass, she proclaims in nearly perfect English. Her wish was our command as we provide her some fresh man-ass to lick. She devours his ass and she jerks his cock and rubs his nuts nicely. His cock is fatter than her two arms put together and that fact becomes even more obvious as he tries to cram it into her super-mini fuck hole. She handles herself well for a small girl, and knows that with just a little more fucking, she will certainly earn the right to do more ass licking. With that goal in mind, she fucks her way to a nice oral cumshot and eagerly uses her cum-coated tongue to spread his man-seed all around his clammy rectum. May is a new girl in the last Bonus Scene. She is a small and tight little girl with puffy brown nipples and a completely hairless pussy she shows off for Dimitri (our Director). Her skin is so soft and smooth and her body is absolutely perfect. She enjoys a solo rub session as Dimitri stands panting heavy behind the camera. All Bareback! Interracial- White on Asian Action! Loads of Ass Licking!! Brand New First Timers, All Natural, Pussy to Mouth!! All Shot on Location and in English! Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, and Collector Edition Packaging! There's nothing gay about a little ass licking!!!


Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 1

Starring: mam, Mr. Kincaid

Tags: Asian, Blowjob

Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 2

Starring: Oh, Mr. Kincaid

Tags: Blowjob, Asian

Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 3

Starring: goi, Mr. Kincaid

Tags: Blowjob, Asian, Rim Job, Fishnet

Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 4

Starring: Bee, James Matarazzo

Tags: Blowjob, Asian, Rim Job

Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 5

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

Little Asian Ass Lickers 2 Scene 6

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

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