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Glaj is an adult studio specializing in various erotic films. The company has so far produced four unique movies, showcasing its dedication to creativity and quality. These titles include "Petites Libertines Tcheques," "Operation Gros Bonnets" and the much sought after "Recherche Des Petites Libertines". Each film is individually designed with engaging plots that cater to an adult audience. Their first production, "Petites Libertines Tcheques", plays off of adult themes involving young libertines. Operating as their second project, "Operation Gros Bonnets" is an adventure into provocative scenarios starring a cast donning large bonnets. Lastly, in response to high consumer demand, Glaj presents "Recherche Des Petites Libertines". This feature extends on from their previous ventures delving further into the lives of these petite libertines, keeping their viewer captivated till the end.

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