Peach Fuzz

2002 | Elegant Angel | Runtime: 2h 1min

Tags: Anal, Outdoors, One on one, Interracial, Latin, Threesome, Creampie, All Sex, Black, Naturally Busty, Blowjob, Cum In Open Mouth, Missionary Position, Facial, Cunnilingus, Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggy Style, Anal Male With Female Anal Sex, Sex, Threesomes Or More, Teen / Coed, Teen, Standing

The focus is on youthful beauties in this latest vivacious venture from Elegant Angel. The producers have combed the industry for fresh-faced freaks who look as tasty as can be, and they've come up with nothing but winners. Sharon Wild all but steals the show, letting the camera linger over her scrumptiously tight curves as she enjoys some solo satisfaction. She really gets into it, even more so once Jay Ashley enters the scene and treats her to some hard-pounding passion. Flick Shagwell certainly lives up to her naughty name when she joins Darren James for a heated hot tub humdinger. Ashley Long and Gia also turn in first-rate sexual performances, showing themselves to be as intense between the sheets as they are pleasing to look at. Director Alex Ladd shows himself to be a hot new talent, capturing the action with a confident and steady hand, and making the gals look as fabulous as they ever have.


Peach Fuzz Scene 1

Starring: Sharon Wild, Jay Ashley

Tags: Facial, Blowjob

Peach Fuzz Scene 2

Starring: Ashley Long, Guy

Tags: Facial, Shaved, Blowjob, Anal

Peach Fuzz Scene 3

Starring: Kinky, Jay Ashley

Tags: Facial, Blowjob, Anal

Peach Fuzz Scene 4

Starring: Gia, Guy

Tags: Trimmed, Blowjob

Peach Fuzz Scene 5

Starring: Flick Shagwell, Darren James

Tags: Facial, Interracial, Trimmed, Blowjob

Peach Fuzz Scene 6

Starring: Alex Junior, Vivian, Claudia Bella, Vivian Mello

Tags: Latin, Trimmed, Blowjob

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