She Needs I.T. Bad

2022 | Web Young | Runtime: 1h 39min

Tags: Teen, Age, Cunnilingus, Erotic Vignette, Feature, Group, Lesbian, Lesbian - 18+ Teens, Lesbian - Group Sex, Lesbian Seduction, Oral Sex, Plot Oriented, Threesome, All Sex, Solo, Natural Boobs, Small Breasted

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Adult movie She Needs I.T. Bad from Web Young. This 2022 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Melody Marks and Jane Wilde, two teen girlfriends, are in bed when they start playfully questioning who they'd cheat with if they had a 'hall pass'. It's revealed that they both chose one of their classmates, Jazmin Luv. Melody then brings up an interesting idea: since they're both into Jazmin, why not use their hall passes together! Anna Claire Clouds, an office intern, calls their IT services to help her make a slideshow. Penelope Kay enters the room and they work closely together making the slideshow. The attraction between them grows and eventually, they finish the slideshow. Penelope is about to leave, but Anna invites her to stay, impulsively kissing her. Anna is embarrassed and pulls away, but Penelope is receptive, going in for her own kiss. They undress each other, and fuck right on the desk! Amber Stark and Allie Addison are hanging out, chatting about an upcoming school dance. When Allie asks if Amber has anyone in mind for the dance, Amber says that she has no one… as she shyly peeks at Allie. Later, Amber accidently lets slip that she's actually in love with Allie! Now that the truth has been revealed, Amber is terrified that she's ruined their friendship. But, to her surprise, they come together for a sweet kiss… that leads to so much more.


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