My Pain Is Your Pleasure

2017 | Hole Entertainment | Runtime: Unknown


Adult movie My Pain Is Your Pleasure from Hole Entertainment. This 2017 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Introducing "My Pleasure Ignites Your Pain" from Hole Entertainment, where boundaries are pushed to the limit and pleasure ignites in the throes of exquisite agony. Lucia, renowned for her insatiable hunger for punishment, takes center stage as our ultimate anal goddess. Her craving for roughness knows no bounds as she begs to be ravaged by forceful thrusts and brutal discipline. Enter Charlie, driven by his dark desires for control, seeking to dominate and humiliate his partners like never before. His unbridled lust for power demands nothing less than absolute surrender from those who dare cross his path. Complementing this twisted trio is Jentina, a fearless virgin submissive hell-bent on inducing masochistic ecstasy through unrestrained caning. Relishing every sting and bite, her plea for more lashing serves as fuel for their tormented romp. Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience that transcends mere eroticism, delving deep into the realm of psychological dominance and the exhilarating rush of submission. Each scene is crafted to evoke a raw sense of excitement and surrender, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain. From scorching hot hardcore to agonizing BDSM sessions, the carnal needs of these desperate souls take precedence over reason or remorse. As Lucia's rectum screams in protest, Charlie's grip tightens, and Jentina's skin crackles with each merciless blow – one thing remains clear: when their throbbing bodies collide, there's no escape from the whirlwind of sensations awaiting them. Will you join us on this gut-wrenchingly intense journey into the labyrinthine heart of pleasure-induced agony? Let your senses reel under the harsh lights, pounding drums, and guttural cries that form the soundtrack to our latest masterpiece - "My Pleasure Ignites Your Pain."


My Pain Is Your Pleasure Scene 1

Starring: Not known

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