Gto 6

Unknown release date | Japanese Import | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Gto


Adult movie Gto 6 from Japanese Import. This pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: **Warning: Explicit Content** In "GTO 6", three hot beauties get their bodies taken over by corrupting teachers in this searingly sensual and steamy adult film from Japan's most notorious studio, Japanese Import. These young ladies are about to learn the hard way that their naivety is no match for these insatiable educators. First up, our heroine Megumi (played by Misa Tobisa) is stalked through the school corridors by her seductive instructor Yuna Takase. As she takes her seat at desk after desk, you can sense her frustration building until Yuna swoops down, forcing her thighs open and driving inside without hesitation - all the while leaving tender bites along every inch of her writhing body as they come. Next we find ourselves in Professor Naomi Sakai's office, where newcomer Haruka Sato comes for an interview turned sordid sexual rendezvous. Her interviewer's cunning fingers have her breasts swollen within minutes, even as his pants fall away to reveal a formidable erection prepared to ravage each of those plump globes. Their carnal dance of intimacy is interrupted only by Naomi's cries of ecstatic fulfillment and the echoes off Haruka's pained yet thrumming moans throughout its duration. Rounding out this depraved trifecta is Aki Izawa, a gym teacher whose unrelenting lust has finally corrupted student Kana Fujioka into acquiescing fully in the dark shadows beneath the stadium bleachers. No time or inhibition was spared during these furtive encounters that quickly become tormented by their wild passion; all they knew were their own entwined bodies lost in ravenous pleasure, with no escape from the merciless coupling in store. Is your senses ready? The full-length feature will expose them to relentless ecstasy through non-stop scenes filled with unspeakable excesses on the quest for raw, undying physical gratification!



Gto 6 Scene 1

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