2017 | Pure Taboo | Runtime: 1h 44min

Tags: Natural Breasts, All Sex, Bdsm, Directed By Women, Domination, Family Roleplay, Feature, Popular With Women, Facial, Cowgirl, Perpendicular, Missionary Position, Doggy Style, Striptease, Blowjob, Male With Female Masturbation, Deep Throat, Cunnilingus, Young Women / Teens, College, Contemporary, By Women, Anal Queens, Oral Sex, Teen

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Adult movie Rental from Pure Taboo. This 2017 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: In "Rental," a young woman desperate for shelter agrees to share a home with an older man harboring a dark obsession for young girls like herself. Aubrey Sinclair stars as Amy, a struggling college student who finds herself out of options after being kicked out of her apartment. As she navigates life without a steady roof overhead, she discovers Philip, Tommy Pistol, offering a room at a price far too enticing to resist. As they begin their twisted arrangement, Philip reveals himself as more than just a landlord - he's a depraved pervert unable to contain his desires for the innocent young women who cross his path. And though Amy tries to brush it off initially, his leering gazes become increasingly difficult to ignore. One fateful night, Amy catches Philip rummaging through her dirty laundry and sniffling her panties while she sleeps. She confronts him, forcing him to confess his perverse fixation. In exchange for allowing him these base desires, he offers her free rent and even promises to cover her tuition costs. It's a transaction Amy reluctantly accepts, unsure how much longer this precarious situation will last before unraveling entirely. Meanwhile, Brad Knight and Lana Rhoades star in "Head of the House" - another tale of power struggle and lust that unfolds within the confines of a recently inherited mansion. When Damien inherits his parents' estate along with its responsibility, something about Miranda living there so close undoes him. The closer control he asserts over his step-sister's daily routine, the more Damian begins to take sadistic pleasure in ruling her every move. Eventually, he reaches out to extend an 'invitation,' which Miranda, once hesitant at first, readily accepts under one condition: unconditional access to whatever pleasures she finds in the household she now calls home.


Rental Scene 1

Starring: Aubrey Sinclair, Tommy Pistol

Tags: Deep Throat, Bedroom, Missionary Position

Rental Scene 2

Starring: Lana Rhoades, Brad Knight

Tags: Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Living Room

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