Luscious Fruit

2016 | 21 Sextury | Runtime: 1h 37min

Tags: European, Small Tits, All Sex, Couple, Gonzo, International, Naturally Busty, Popular With Women, Cowgirl, Blowjob, Modeling/Posing, Striptease, Doggy Style, Missionary Position, Cum In Open Mouth, Cunnilingus, Handjob, Living Room, Sex, Natural Look, Hetero Couples, Teen

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Adult movie Luscious Fruit from 21 Sextury. This 2016 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: In "Luscious Fruit", three sultry women unleash their primal desires on unsuspecting partners in scorching scenes that defy inhibitions. Chelsea Sun sashays out into the garden, a steaming cup of coffee clutched between slender fingers, only to reveal hidden yearnings behind bright, shiny eyes. Her lover can't keep pace with her unrelenting hunger for fleshly pleasures as they immerse themselves in one another's senses like two ravenous animals craving a feast. Meanwhile, inside their kitchen, husband Renato storms through the swinging door, his salacious gaze fixated on wife Crystal Greenvelle preparing breakfast - but his lustful cravings pivot, instead, towards devouring every inch of her exposed skin. Their joint erotic hunger intensifies until they collide in an untamed orgiastic frenzy. Zazie Skymm exits the bathroom, having just primped for bed, only to return to her exhausted but unsatiated beau Clark. The second he reclaims her in the bed, she awakens once more - insatiable now - desperate for still more intense pleasures, prompting them to ravish each other anew. Lastly, Rina Ellis reclines by the window, basking in early morning sunlight and reflecting on the tumultuous night that preceded it; however, upon being joined by Tarzan, rising to life beside her, their animal instincts come alive too. Unfettered passions prevail when both couples strip down without hesitation or restraint to sink deep into sexual abandon.


Luscious Fruit Scene 1

Starring: Chelsy Sun

Tags: Cowgirl

Luscious Fruit Scene 2

Starring: Crystal Greenvelle

Tags: Cowgirl, Living Room

Luscious Fruit Scene 3

Starring: Zazie Skymm

Tags: Cowgirl, Spooning, Bedroom

Luscious Fruit Scene 4

Starring: Rina Ellis

Tags: Cowgirl, Living Room

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