Prom Night

2018 | Pure Taboo | Runtime: 1h 48min

Tags: Just Legal, Gang Bangers, Teen

Adult movie Prom Night from Pure Taboo. This 2018 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: In "Prom Night", meet Whitney Wright as Julia, a gorgeous high school senior who's shocked but thrilled when the most coveted guy in school, Kyle Mason, invites her to the biggest night of their lives - prom. Julia struggles to comprehend why this handsome heartthrob would choose her, considering she's always flown under his radar until now. As encouragement, her mom assures Julia that her stunning looks must be the reason behind his interest. On the evening of the big event, Kyle arrives at her doorstep in an opulent limousine, further solidifying Julia's belief that maybe he does genuinely like her. The intoxicating atmosphere between them grows more passionate, culminating in their first intimate kiss within the sleek confines of the limo. Their romance seems poised for success until Kyle takes a sudden detour with Julia to a secluded spot away from prying eyes. However, just as things are heating up between these two lovestruck teens, a shocking twist occurs - his supposedly intimate getaway turns out to be nothing short of a set-up orchestrated by him and his group of friends, ruining the magical experience that was once destined for joy and discovery, only leaving Julie feeling betrayed and mistreated on her special night.


Prom Night Scene 1

Starring: Whitney Wright, Codey Steele, Kyle Mason, Matt Sloan, Robby Echo

Tags: Not known

Prom Night Scene 2

Starring: Piper Perri, Johnny Goodluck, Mark Zane, Robby Echo, Small Hands

Tags: Not known