Rod Wood

1995 | Legend | Runtime: 1h 31min

Tags: Feature, Classic, Cunnilingus, Blowjob, Missionary Position, Kissing, Cowgirl, Cum In Open Mouth, Tits Sucking, 69, Doggy Style, Sex, 90's

Adult movie Rod Wood from Legend. This 1995 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: "In this sinful fantasy, Rod Wood, infamous porn producer, unleashes his creative chaos once more as three ravishing beauties - Melissa Hill, Rachael Love, and Alex Sanders - get locked up in a daring lesbian romp behind bars. Their flowing dresses contrasting against the harsh confinement sparks a sultry symphony of sensuality as they indulge in passionate lovemaking. Meanwhile, stunning vixen Kia captivates an unsuspecting Mr. Horner with her captivating allure, flaunting her tantalizing curves in a jaw-dropping blue sequin ensemble. Witness Kia drive him wild as they exchange intense pleasure-filled moments in a raunchy seduction fest. Finally, ride shotgun with Tera Wrigley as she tears apart the backseat of a speeding station wagon with Alex Sanders in a whirlwind of unbridled passion, leaving no hole untouched as their explosive lovemaking transcends boundaries and leaves onlookers breathless."


Rod Wood Scene 1

Starring: Rachel Love, Alex Sanders, Melissa Hill

Tags: Not known

Rod Wood Scene 2

Starring: Kia, Mike Horner

Tags: Not known

Rod Wood Scene 3

Starring: Alex Sanders, Tera Heart

Tags: Not known

Rod Wood Scene 4

Starring: Kia, Melissa Hill, Tera Heart, Sandi Beach

Tags: Not known

Rod Wood Scene 5

Starring: Mike Horner, Brick Majors, Dallas Whitacker

Tags: Fit

Rod Wood Scene 6

Starring: Rachel Love, Steve Drake

Tags: Not known

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