2018 | Pure Taboo | Runtime: 2h 0min

Tags: Feature

Adult movie Psychiatrist from Pure Taboo. This 2018 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: In "Psychiatrist," a convicted assailant named Sheila finds herself in a precarious predicament when she lands in the office of Dr. Powell. This enigmatic specialist in the field of psychiatry is determined to unravel the mysteries of Sheila's mind and understand whether her violent behavior was driven by sheer intention or involuntary compulsion. With so much riding on her fate, Dr. Powell puts Sheila through an intense examination, probing deep into her psyche for answers. As their bond grows closer, it becomes clear that the doctor's unorthodox approach requires more than mere intellectual insight - it demands raw physical surrender. With every deliberate thrust, Dr. Powell seeks to grasp not only Sheila's consciousness but also her complete willingness to succumb to his primal urges. In this scorching-hot affair, there are no holds barred as both parties indulge in a searing exploration of pleasure and control. Will this tumultuous experiment ultimately set Sheila free from her looming sentence, or will the line between guilt and innocence forever remain blurred? The tantalizing uncertainty keeps viewers captivated throughout, until they can't help but surrender themselves to the intoxicating haze of debauchery that envelops them within this steamy sexual odyssey.


Psychiatrist Scene 1

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