Tight And Stretched 2

2018 | Score Group | Runtime: 2h 7min | Series: Tight And Stretched

Tags: Just Legal, All Sex, Big Cock, Erotic Vignette, Petite, Squirting, Gonzo, Deep Throat, Blowjob, Striptease, Cowgirl, Missionary Position, Face Fuck, Cunnilingus, Facial, Living Room, Bedroom, Sex, Natural Look, Teen

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Adult movie Tight And Stretched 2 from Score Group. This 2018 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: In "Tight And Stretched 2," four sultry beauties unleash their inner divas as they take on a trio of studs in scenes that showcase unfettered passion and unbridled lust. Carolina heats things up by the poolside with a seductive oil massage that quickly turns raunchy as she wraps her lips around an older businessman's pulsing member. Her bendy skills come into play as she takes him deep inside, drenching his pants in arousal-sodden juices and herself in his subsequent cumshot. Sally brings her own brand of ferocity to the table, bouncing on a monstrous shaft and squirting like a fire hose in a manner that leaves both hers and his body parts coated in a glistening layer of viscous desire. Next up is Kylie, who cleverly uses her sister's phone to entice a boyfriend over for a taste test - and once he learns the truth, nothing can stop him from engaging in oral bliss with her or satisfying his primal urges by plunging into her willing flesh. The proof of her superiority lies not only in the way she suckles and copulates but also in the copious amounts of ejaculate coating every inch of her tantalizing form. Kasey may seem harmless at first glance due to her petite frame and sparse physique, but appearances are deceiving: this ginger bombshell wastes no time diving headfirst into a steamy encounter with her neighbor, subsequently getting splattered with cum just when she thought her lust-filled escapade couldn't get any wilder. And finally there's Blaire, whose voracious appetite for cock drives her to request even harder thrusts while mounted atop JMac in the very bed where she knows her parents would never expect it. Her cries of pleasure are punctuated by gasps and moans as she takes an unprecedented beating between her walls, ultimately pleading forgiveness for her illicit exploits before seeking a second round of satisfaction via those telltale lines and creases left behind by last night's seed-stained festivities. With a climax akin to that experienced during a decadent indulgence at all-you-can-eat buffet, Ivy saves her hunger pangs for a sumptuous feast of come-hither grunts as she savors the remnants of a most satisfying coupling.


Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 1

Starring: Carolina Sweets

Tags: Not known

Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 2

Starring: Not known

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Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 3

Starring: Kylie Quinn

Tags: Not known

Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 4

Starring: Not known

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Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 5

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

Tight And Stretched 2 Scene 6

Starring: Ivy Aura

Tags: Not known

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