Yes Mistress 2

2018 | Millennial Playtime Studios | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Yes Mistress

Tags: Pov, Bondage / Bdsm

Adult movie Yes Mistress 2 from Millennial Playtime Studios. This 2018 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Join us in "Yes Mistress 2", the cinematic sensation that plunges viewers into the most indulgent realm of sexual exploration. Shot in thrilling point-of-view style and featuring the enigmatic and authoritative Goddess, Mistress T, this explicit adult film delves into uncharted territories of desire and decadence. In "As You Wish Domine", watch as our heroine pushes boundaries and ignites intense pleasure through expertly crafted Jobbie oral indulgence. Then, step into a world where femininity reigns supreme in "A Decadent Position" - a scene showcasing alluring dominant women seeking submissive males to join their ranks. Experience intimate moments of shame and arousal as "Humiliation Therapy" takes centre stage, wherein a compassionate doctor employs unconventional methods to awaken virgin male clients' dormant sensibilities. But it's not just about sex; "Cum To The Movies" combines exhilaration with vulnerability, capturing the tantalizing thrill of an illicit adventure amidst the darkness of a cinema – heightening anticipation of potential discovery adds a level of trepidation for both the voyeuristic viewer at home. Throughout these captivating scenes, Mistress T weaves her magic, effortlessly bridging the chasm between dreamscapes and realities, guaranteeing each viewer will be left fully satiated by their deep-down cravings. Are you prepared to indulge?



Yes Mistress 2 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

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