Well Trained

2018 | Lakeview Entertainment | Runtime: 45min

Tags: Fetish, Bdsm, Femdom, Pantyhose & Stockings, Spanking, Submales, Genital Punishment, Flogger, Trampling, Living Room, Submissive Male, Legs & Pantyhose, Handjob, Femdom - F On M, Misc. Cum Shot, Cunnilingus, Cbt, F On M, Humiliation, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Handjobs, Hoods, Masks, Petite, Red Head, Short Hair & Pixie, Threesome

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Two young sadistic ladies use a well trained male for 45 minutes. They take him to task under foot and face sit and beat his ass red all the while he shows his blind devotion and offers no resistance as they have their fun. This huge male has his ass beaten raw and then is milked and drained until his balls are completely dry. The huge submissive was named Michael. They did not care what his name was, they had him underfoot and wanted to trample his frame. Lighting up smokes, Mistress Sidney and Mistress Missy set about humiliating the big male. What kind of punishment could he take from two sets of female feet? The licking and trampling started and he proved to be up for the task. They only had to ask him once and he obeyed. He was very well trained. Shedding her high heels after he had licked the bottoms clean, Mistress Missy applied her perfect size 5.5 feet to the submissive's face as her partner did the same. Mistress Sidney moved to tie his cock and balls tight in a pair of pantyhose as her partner sat on his face. Now for lots of tag team face sitting and cock trample! The feel of male flesh underfoot made the Ladies happy. Trample and suffocation were the order of the day as Mistress Sidney's gorgeous legs locked around his throat and Mistress Missy applied her perfect feet to his face. Whipping, face sitting and cock torment was the order of the day as the two nymphs did a number on the huge male. Time for a serious ass pounding. Stand straight slave! Bend and hold as the two young sadists start hammering your backside. The hard wooden paddle made cracking sounds and left red ridges as Mistress Sidney showed Her pro domme skills and beat his ass. Mistress Missy wielded a black cane and, together, the sexy bitches beat his ass bad. His legs shook and they moved him to the chair before he could pass out to continue the harsh treatment with the whip. The beating concluded and his ass was a mess. That made them extremely happy and, since he had served so well and taken all his medicine, he was going to be milked. They stood him and flanked him. Mistress Missy controlled the nylon leash around his balls and started working on his nipples while Mistress Sidney gripped his cock and pumped it fast. He grew quickly and she had to stop several time to build up the pressure in his balls. After he had begged she relented and told him he could release as her talented hand gave him no choice. He spilled his poison onto the carpet but she did not stop. Instead she increased the speed and pressure until he was in pain and drained. Just what She had intended.


Well Trained Scene 1

Starring: Slave Michael, Mistress Missy, Mistress Sidney

Tags: Handjob, Living Room, Cbt, Face Sitting

Well Trained Scene 2

Starring: Slave Michael, Mistress Missy, Mistress Sidney

Tags: Handjob, Living Room

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