Amazing Ty 12: Monster Anal Bedtime Stories

2003 | Sticky Studios | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Gonzo, Anal, Masturbation, Tattoo, Toys

Starring The AMAZING TY And Tons Of MONSTER TOYS!!!AMAZING TY pulls out all the stops in this video and tells her fans why she is the nastiest slut around!!! She shares her real-life experiences and tells you why she is so Anally Erotic!!! She describes her first anal sex experience and tales of her first anal gangbang!!! You can tell that every story is true by the way that she gets off telling you, all while shoving the hugest dildos you have ever seen into her assh*le!!! She cums over and over while telling you stories of her slutdom!!! You have never seen AMAZING TY stuff such giant objects into her rectum!!! If you thought her previous movies stretched her assh*le, this one leaves it absolutely wrecked for life!!! THIS GIRL WILL BE IN DIAPERS AFTER MAKING THIS TAPE!!!


Extreme Ty Extreme Ty


Amazing Ty 12: Monster Anal Bedtime Stories Scene 1

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