Sweet Dreams

2009 | Premiere Productions | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Bondage

Dan can`t wait. He`s off to meet two of his best friends for lunch but decides to set himself down on the sofa for a few quick thoughts. Big mistake! Imagining their soft bodies he ends up falling asleep and dreaming about one of his most favorite things to do: bondage. Nicole is bound first, scantily clad in her jean skirt. Tied tightly to a black leather chair her resonant cries as she squirms against the tightness of the leather are to no avail. Dan then imagines her in a full body tie. Spread eagled across the four corners of a desk. It`s Mina`s turn next. She is ties to a couch, then against the cold hard steel of a baker`s rack. As his imagination continues Dan finds both of them in their final ties completely nude. Dan couldn`t be having a better lunch. When suddenly he is awakened by the knocks of Nicole andMina at the door, who are eager for some great food. If only it were some great bondage!



Sweet Dreams Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known