Countdown: Conjoined

2003 | Softcel | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Hentai

Hiroyuki Utatane`s famous hentai springs to life in this collection of four of the most unusual and erotic tales ever animated! Alimony Hunter: When sexy, young Jun runs meets the busty Chizuru, she sees an opportunity for one hot night! Plus Chizuru`s got a cute stepson that may serve as a dessert for her main course! Seek: When rescuing a princess doesn`t provide a heroic adventurer with the stimulation he`d hoped for, he looks to find it in the princess herself! However, this little lady might be more stimulation than he`d bargained for... Virgin Road: Young, blushing bride Ademi is busily preparing for her impending wedding, but she needs the proper send-off... and who better to do that than Jun! A Play on History, Hooligan Boy: When a madman begins to abduct the city`s luscious ladies, Mai and her gay robotic partner Kuma are there to put a stop to it! but can they resist the lure of the madman`s incredibly tempting technologically-enhanced body?



Countdown: Conjoined Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known