Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2000

2000 | Image | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


Cool breezes, warm beaches, wild animals and the gently swaying palm trees of the Pacific provide the backdrop for the 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2000' video. Step into a behind-the-scenes look at our romp in paradise with the world's hottest models, who offer many intriguing thoughts on members of the opposite sex. Damon Wayans, along with newcomer Estella Warren, are your hosts for this exciting tour of the making of Sports Illustrated's Millennium Swimsuit Issue. Along the way you'll see supermodel Heidi Klum frolicking with a baby elephant on the sands of Malaysia, Christy Hinze galloping on horseback along the beach in Mexico, Daniela Pestova kissing a frog on the island of Pangkor Laut (will the frog turn into a prince?), as well as some top athletes and their significant others. So sit back, relax and enjoy this unforgettable adventure--and watch out for the snakes!



Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2000 Scene 1

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