I Like To Play Games Too

2001 | Image | Runtime: Unknown


No inhibitions. No boundaries. No rules. Suzanne Branwin is always the seductress, never the seduced. The gorgeous owner of a respected advertising agency, Suzanne gets her kicks from playing sexual games with men. But this time she may have met her match. Dominick D'Aura owns a chain of upscale, private gentlemen's clubs and his account would mean big money for Suzanne's firm. But as she's about to find out, he's a masterful player himself, and he's looking to push the limits to dangerous new heights. When their games lead to extortion, blackmail, and possibly murder, Suzanne knows she's in over her head. In this twisted test of cunning and will, winning may not be enough. Survival is the name of the game.



I Like To Play Games Too Scene 1

Starring: Not known

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