Naughty Nights 3

2002 | Pleasure Productions | Runtime: 1h 42min | Series: Naughty Nights

Tags: Feature, Gonzo, Interactive, All Sex, Finger Fucking, Lesbian Cunnilingus, Blowjob, Tits Sucking, Standing Doggy Style, Ffm, Cowgirl, Facial, Strap-On, Sex, Oral Sex, Lesbian

In a small town in Ohio, Gina was featuring at a club and everyone seemed to so nice and a little too willing, as you will see in this video! Gina and Sabrina (one of the other dancers) decide they want to go down to The Lion's Den, (an adult bookstore) and see how much they can get away with before getting caught. Gina gives Sabrina the ride of her life! I'm relaxing at the bar when I am offered a lap dance I'll never forget. It's my 1st interracial scene on video and I'm sure Mystery will remember it forever. While I'm giving it to Mystery, Trisha is fingering herself like there's no tomorrow. Awesome fucking facial! Back in Gina's room, she has some of the girls (Michele Katz & Jena Jade) fool around by stuffing whatever they can fine up each other's twats. this scene definitely works if you like girl-girl and anal! Fiona wants to prove to me and Gina that she has what it takes to be in the industry, so being the nice guy that I am, I giver her a chance by stuffing her face into Gina's hole while doing her doggie style. You won't see her so anxious again. Michele Katz needs more than just some chick licking her pussy, so she begs the camera-man to stuff her mouth with his cock. Acting like she hasn't eaten in months, she stuffs his cock anywhere it will fit. You just gotta love it!!!


Naughty Nights 3 Scene 1

Starring: Gina Lynn, Sabrina Monet

Tags: Strap-On

Naughty Nights 3 Scene 2

Starring: Kendra_bl, Travis Knight

Tags: Blonde, Fit

Naughty Nights 3 Scene 3

Starring: Gina Lynn, Jena Jade, Michelle Katz

Tags: Not known

Naughty Nights 3 Scene 4

Starring: Fiona, Gina Lynn, Travis Knight

Tags: Blonde, Natural

Naughty Nights 3 Scene 5

Starring: Michelle Katz

Tags: Not known

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