Anal Hanky Panky

1997 | Rosebud | Runtime: 1h 15min

Tags: Anal, 90's, All Sex, Classic, Anal Male With Female Anal Sex, Interracial, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Striptease, Missionary Position, Cum In Open Mouth, Living Room, Doggy Style, Bedroom, M On F, Sex

This back door scorcher from 1997 continues director Rex Borsky's tradition of first-rate hardcore with an emphasis on the rear. This one follows the same format as virtually all of these flicks, with one scene after another of white-hot anal adventuring, usually coming in the course of a group scene of some sort. This time, Borsky has spiced things up a bit by selecting a cast of widely varied performers, making this one a must-have for fans of interracial anal action. Breasty bad girl Randee Lee turns on her Southern charm in the opener, joining Tom Byron and hard-charging Asian vixen Suzi Suzuki for a furiously carnal butter-churner of a scene in which both gals get in on some back door boffing. Next, scrumptious little Asian sex kitten Lynn Isosu shows that she can get as wild as she wants to be when she takes on Marc Wallice in a high-energy scorcher. Luscious black beauty Rain-Ah sizzles her wanton way through the next two scenes, cementing her reputation as one of the hardest working, as well as most gorgeous, women in African-American porn. Rain-ah takes on Jake Steed and Lori Lust in a scorcher that features some rear entry ribaldry from both gals. Next, Rain-ah's back for even more when she hooks up with Jake and plasticine stripper Erika Lockett for some three-sided fun. And when T.T. Boy steps into the fray, things get even more outrageously erotic! A truly varied batch of starlets makes this one a great pick for those who tire of the same old blonde, fake breasted look. Another fabulicious feature from one of the most consistent pornmakers in the industry.


Anal Hanky Panky Scene 1

Starring: Suzi Suzuki, Randee Lee, Tom Byron

Tags: Trimmed, Natural

Anal Hanky Panky Scene 2

Starring: Lynn Isuzo, Marc Wallice

Tags: Natural

Anal Hanky Panky Scene 3

Starring: Jake Steed, laurie lust, Lil Bit

Tags: Trimmed, Fit, Natural

Anal Hanky Panky Scene 4

Starring: Jake Steed, Erika Lockett, TT Boy, Lil Bit

Tags: Trimmed, Fit

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