Hustler Platinum: Arsenic And 2 Box Set

2003 | Hustler | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Gonzo

PREMIUM HARDCORE FOR THE PORN CONNOISSEUR!HUSTLER PLATINUM is proud to present a very special edition of ARSENIC, Pierre Woodman`s epic tale of conspiracies, poisoning and, of course, balls-to-the-wall f*cking. Sleuth along with a hardboiled detective as he follows a mysterious trail of poisonings to its source. All the blood-chilling, jizz-spilling action is together for the first time in one package. That`s two times the murder, two times the mayhem, two times the hardcore! The 2-DVD package of ARSENIC is here in full force. Try not to overdose.


Hustler Platinum: Arsenic And 2 Box Set Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known