Buttman In Barcelona

1997 | Evil Angel | Runtime: 2h 21min | Series: John Stagliano

Tags: Amateur, Gonzo, Anal, European, Interracial, 90's, All Sex, Classic, International, Spain, Anal Queens, Blowjob, Missionary Position, Bedroom, Cum On Body, Cunnilingus, Anal Male With Female Anal Sex, Facial, Analingus, Living Room, Toilet/Bathroom, M On F

When I arrive in Barcelona, of course my first excursion is to the back streets around RAMBLAS. In these acientr narrow streets is an opening in THE CRACK that Hatman pops out of to join me in my adventure. We pursue Stephanie Silver, an exotic European beauty with black hair, incredible blue eyes and a really sweet ass!In London Rocoo and I encounter a lost waif, Elizabeth Shay. Rocoo nearly splitts the little girl in two with his huge cock, but she is much nastier than she looks.Back in Barcelona , Hatman and I visit the Gaudi Cathedral, an awesome sight, surpasse sonly by the beauty of Spanish girl Maria Sanchez and Czech girl Lucie. Hatman and Oliver Sanchez both get the girls up their perfect round butts!Ah Sheherazade! What a big, yet tight round ass! Valentino and I meet her on the beach in Barcelona, but she is originally from Italy, and she also has some middle eastern blood in her...Very exoctic! One of the hottest girls I've ever met!On the French Riviera, Valentino and I, along with Alex Mantengna meet French girl Pamela Dregez. She was quite and unexpected surprise.It's Hatman and me again in Barcelona. What a wet dream! This girl could tease! And she's got such a sweet butt that I couldn't resist joining in! She's from France but her parents are from Sicily...and she is one hot spicy Italian!


Buttman In Barcelona Scene 1

Starring: Stephanie Silver, Hatman

Tags: Living Room, Missionary Position

Buttman In Barcelona Scene 2

Starring: Rocco Siffredi, Elizabeth Shay

Tags: Blowjob, Bedroom, Missionary Position

Buttman In Barcelona Scene 3

Starring: Oliver Sanchez, Maria de Sanchez, Hatman, Lucka Savitch

Tags: Bedroom

Buttman In Barcelona Scene 4

Starring: Sheherazade, Valentino

Tags: Blowjob

Buttman In Barcelona Scene 5

Starring: Alex Mantegna, Valentino, Pamela Dregez

Tags: Bedroom, Missionary Position

Buttman In Barcelona Scene 6

Starring: Adeline Lange, Hatman

Tags: Missionary Position

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