Racquel Untamed

1990 | Cinderella Entertainment | Runtime: 1h 22min

Tags: Oral Sex, One On One, Big Tits, Mature, Facial, Hairy, Lesbian, Lingerie, Creampie, Fishnet, Brunette, Blonde, Hospital/Doctor Office, Striptease, Missionary Position, Modeling/Posing, Blowjob, Cum On Vagina / Pubic Area, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, 69, 90's, Prison/Jail, Doctor, Hospital / Dr. Office, Classic, Feature

Some of the most sex craved people locked up together in an asylum. Not a recipe for celibacy! Doctors and patients alike they are hard and wet and have a go at each other. Both sides will get what they crave and you will get what you want a good movie to watch! They thought she was crazy. They had her committed. Now she's gone insane. No more Ms. Nice Guy.


Racquel Untamed Scene 1

Starring: Rick Savage, Alex Storm

Tags: Blonde

Racquel Untamed Scene 2

Starring: Racquel Darrian, Derek Lane

Tags: Brunette, Fit

Racquel Untamed Scene 3

Starring: Racquel Darrian, Chessie Moore

Tags: Blonde, Big Tits, Brunette, Lingerie, Lesbian

Racquel Untamed Scene 4

Starring: Jerry Butler, Chessie Moore

Tags: Not known

Racquel Untamed Scene 5

Starring: Joel Lawrence, Chessie Moore

Tags: Blonde, Big Tits, Lingerie

Racquel Untamed Scene 6

Starring: Alex Storm, Jerry Butler

Tags: Blonde, Big Tits

Racquel Untamed Scene 7

Starring: Chessie Moore, Rick Savage

Tags: Not known

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