Satine's Surrender

2007 | B & D Pleasures | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Bondage

Sweet Satine returns and once again lights up the screen with her glorious submissiveness in this erotically intense expose` into the physiological and psychological bonding between Master and his slave. From flogger to whip, Master Warlock traces a path straight to Satine`s soul across her delicate skin, the map to her complete surrender detailed in the red and crimson highways painted by his expert hand. Watch as Warlock places her in the stocks, her back rigidly arched, her perfect submissive ass exposedto his attentions, her full weight supported only by her knees. Watch the pain and agony of this incredibly intense position flow across her tender ass with his many instruments of instruction, her asshole itself soon glowing red with her abject surrender!


Satine's Surrender Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known