Please Mr Postman

2006 | Tvx | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Louis Lewis

Tags: Classic

From the pages of Penthouse, the Lewis Brothers of Detroit bring you their sexsational new discovery, Loni Sanders. Perhaps the most beautiful new star to heat up the adult scene, she was recently unveiled in a very revealing Penthouse layout. The pages come to life as Loni sparks a cast, including Chic covergirl Nicole Noir, Chelsea McClane and almost a dozen other ladies in PLEASE MR. POSTMAN. Making her rounds as the first postwoman in a small town, Loni delivers some mysterious plain brown wrapped packages. Needless to say, their often unusual contents prompts some sizzling action to warm up your screen. And then again, there`s Loni. PLEASE MR. POSTMAN delivers... and so does she.


Please Mr Postman Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known