2007 | Tip Top | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Joe D'amato

Tags: Classic

Office politics and familial flings get the hardcore once-over in this surprisingly effective sex video. Unlike, the vast majority of Snatch releases, this one's a story-driven video that actually attempts to tell a tale while giving the audiences what they're looking for. And while they're never going to challenge Meryl Streep or Gwyneth Paltrow in any acting sweepstakes, the gals here all do a credible job. The action revolves around Valentino Rey, a harried business exec whose marriage to Cleopatra isn't quite as hot as it once was. The trouble starts when he's introduced to scrumptious Alex Dane, his son's new girlfriend. Needless to say, Valentino takes an instant interest in his boy's tight-bodied gal pal. And luckily for him she returns his lascivious leers. Soon enough, the two find themselves in a torrid tryst and the video's various relationships begin to spin out of control. Highlights include a steamy oral encounter between Rey and Dane, and a feverish fling between Alex and Mark Davis. The finale is a white-hot romp in which Alex and Rey get in some rough and tumble back door action. Fans of Dane or those looking for a reasonably well-done plot-based piece of porn will get a rise out of this one for sure.


Dangerous Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known