Dreamgirls: Girlfun 30

2007 | Dream Girls | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Dreamgirls: Girlfun

Tags: Amateur, Cunnilingus, Lesbian

Naomi slowly takes off Jade`s clothing, while giving us a tour of her tattoos. The second Jade`s top come off, Naomi ravages her tits with her tongue. Then it`s Jade`s turn. It doesn`t take long before these two hotties start tongue blasting each other`s p*ssies and 69ing until they both reach multiple orgasms.Soni and Lourdes take off each others bikinis with their teeth. Then Soni puts a collar on Lourdes and puts the leash in her p*ssy. Then she f*cks Lourdes with a strap-on and puts a string of anal beads in her ass. They use a double ended dildo to f*ck each other. These girls are sizzling hot!


Dreamgirls: Girlfun 30 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known