Naughty Nights 2

2001 | Pleasure Productions | Runtime: 1h 47min | Series: Naughty Nights

Tags: All Sex, Amateur, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Cum In Open Mouth, Cunnilingus, Missionary Position, Facial, Standing Doggy Style, Contemporary, Potpourri, Anal Queens, Oral Sex, Feature, Standing

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First timers! Travis finds some babes on the beach in Florida. After getting past the introductions, he enjoys having sex with them in front of the camera. Travis, Gina Lynn, and Sandy Nights have a three way of love in a hot tub where Travis pounds these two beauties until they can`t take any more. Bernadette Woods and Rod Woods go for it achingly, so well in fact, that you will want to give Bernadette what she begs for, if you know what I mean. Robyn Foster, Tristan, and Travis go on a picnic, but no one thought it would end up with Travis violating Robyn`s picnic basket. As for Xandria and Jeff... their dungeon is the site for this fetish scene where Xandria masturbates while Jeff awaits her command to finish her off.


Naughty Nights 2 Scene 1

Starring: Gina Lynn, Sandy Knight

Tags: Blonde, Shaved

Naughty Nights 2 Scene 2

Starring: Xandria

Tags: Not known

Naughty Nights 2 Scene 3

Starring: Bernadette Woods

Tags: Not known

Naughty Nights 2 Scene 4

Starring: Robyn Foster, Peter Foster

Tags: Blonde, Trimmed

Naughty Nights 2 Scene 5

Starring: Xandria

Tags: Not known

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