Love At First Sight

2007 | Classic X | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Feature, Classic

A married couple reveal their most intimate fantasies to one another in this scintillating sexvid, driving one another wild with their erotic enticements. It seems that the husband is never interested in sex anymore, so she decides to stir his emotions by telling him to think about his favorite porn starlets. He dreams up a hot tub tryst involving Amber Lynn that sends the flick into early orbit. He also cooks up a fantasy in which a bunch of guys watching the game get the best delivery service ever, as a couple of come-hither cuties take them all on. Then the loving couple cooks up an outdoor tussle that`s so hot it drives them straight into a feverish fling of their own.


Love At First Sight Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known