Scrubbin' Pussies Backstage Strippers 2

2007 | Candid Cam | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Scrubbin' Pussies Backstage Strippers

Tags: Voyeur

7 Brand new scenes of lathered up, steamy, dripping wet action with your most wanted and perfectly exposed feature dancers. Go private with the sexiest girls ever and see how they make it nice for the people before a hot-blooded night of sizzling stripper cabaret shows. Enormously juicy jugs, taught heart-shaped bottoms, soapy slick honey pots and suds aplenty rinse down your favorite entertainers as they shave, lotion, rinse, lube up and towel right in front of you! Ever want to take a shower with a nude dancer? Warm satin smooth and delicate meat flowers are slickly toyed, bathed and made squeaky clean just inches from your face. These flawlessly stripped silken bodies are so close you will feel like squirting soap all over their hairless, whisper soft p*ssies.


Scrubbin' Pussies Backstage Strippers 2 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known