Careful He May Be Watching (Video-X-Pix)

2007 | Video X Pix | Runtime: Unknown

Tags: Classic

Seka`s back... Yes, the platinum princess of adult entertainment returns to the silver screen in a sizzling dual role. By night, Jane Smith (Seka) is a happily married housewife. But during the day when hubby (Mike Horner) is at work, Jane becomes Molly Flame, the X-rated superstar who`ll do almost anything for the camera. Things get mighty complicated for Jane/Molly, as you might expect. And with Kay Parker and Shanna McCullough on board for some hot action, you can be sure our star`s repertoire is going to be expanded! So uncork something bubbly and start celebrating. With Seka back, horny days are here again!


Careful He May Be Watching (Video-X-Pix) Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known