Naughty Little Toy

2011 | Severe Society Films | Runtime: 59min

Tags: Bondage, Fetish, Bdsm, Male Domination, Spanking, Restraints/Handcuffs, Submissive Female, Rope, Whipping, Living Room, Pain/Sadism/Sado Masochism, Whipping/Flogging, Tickling, Domination - M On F, Electro Sex, Erotic Flagellation, Male On Female, Hardtied

Adult movie Naughty Little Toy from Severe Society Films. This 2011 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Scene 1: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy CompsonSensual domination, bondage and more. Miss Caddy (of Cage of Tears fame) is bored. She's been patiently waiting for her master to return, but her patience runs out and she starts playing with his toys. When he catches her, she realizes that she's going to have to pay! He selects a purple flogger (Caddy's favorite color) and begins to show her the error of her ways! Master Tim starts by binding her chest, arms and legs, and then brings out the purple flogger that she was so interested in just moments ago. Perhaps feeling the sting of its tails will teach Miss Caddy to follow instructions! With Miss Caddy bound on the couch, her Master starts in with the purple flogger, working over her back before flipping her over to get at her more sensitive parts.Scene 2: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy CompsonMaster (Tim Woodman) gives Miss Caddy Compson a short rest before reddening her upturned ass with the leather slapper as she cuddles in his lap. After getting her good and warmed up, Master switches to something with a bit more bite, his dragon's tongue, and soon has Caddy squealing with delight. Next up, the single tail whip. Caddy is very lucky to be Master Tim's toy! Scene 3: Tim Woodman, Miss Caddy CompsonNow that Master (Tim Woodman) has finished punishing Miss Caddy Compson for playing with his toys without permission, he can get on with the original plan for the day, some violet wand play. As Master runs the mushroom probe over Miss Caddy's wriggling body, she describes the sensation as a cross between pain and tickling. From the squealing, it sounds like whatever it is, she's enjoying it! Scene 4: Mistress D Severe, Miss Caddy CompsonBonus Feature #1: Naughty Little Toy Does Her Chores - When the shooting day is done, someone has to clean up. And who better to sweep up than our hottie Caddy Compson - naked? Bonus Feature #2: Table Top Tickle Play Mistress D Severe can't believe her luck. First-time tickle victim Miss Caddy Compson is tied spread-eagled to the table top, with all of her most vulnerable bits exposed. Where to begin? How about with a bit of fur? Or the fingers behind the knees? Knees, feet, ribs, armpits - soon Mistress is discovering all of Miss Caddy's ticklish sports. Will our Mistress show mercy? From the looks of that electric toothbrush in her hands, probably not.


Naughty Little Toy Scene 1

Starring: Tim Woodman

Tags: Bondage, Whipping

Naughty Little Toy Scene 2

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

Naughty Little Toy Scene 3

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

Naughty Little Toy Scene 4

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known

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