Orgasm Bar 18

2010 | Bondage Channel | Runtime: 1h 57min | Series: Orgasm Bar

Tags: Bondage

Adult movie Orgasm Bar 18 from Bondage Channel. This 2010 pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Navarre has been begging to ride the orgasm bar again since she had to tap out the first time she rode it. Her perfect body goes on tip toes immediately. She teases herself, legs tight, awesome. Sweat starts to bead on Navarre`s forehead as we unsuccessfully try to tie her nipples. After we leave her alone, her athletic legs start to tire, and her pussy grazes the hitachi more. She starts to cum - hard. Now her hair is matted in sweat. Finally, a massive orgasm takes her. Her legs give out. The torture begins.


Orgasm Bar 18 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known