Oldies But Goodies Part 4:melanie

Unknown release date | L. Scott Sales | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Oldies But Goodies Part

Tags: Fetish, Fighting

Adult movie Oldies But Goodies Part 4:melanie from L. Scott Sales. This pornographic film can be watched and purchased on our website.

Description: Melanie is a beauty with incredibly fit body and a will to win, plus her aggressiveness make her a top contender. She not only overpowers her victims, but sexually defeating and humiliating them. She enjoyed long pins most. With her, satisfaction was all about winning and showing her opponent the better woman. The first fight looks like a mismatch against a much taller, heavier girl, but just see how Melanie makes it competitive. The encounter with Iva was cut short by a minor injury, but was very intense. Experienced Susanne wanted to cut Melanie down to size and it looks like another mismatch, but Melanie soon figured out how to get her to cry "uncle." Her last match against her great rival, Edina, was probably the toughest for her on this DVD. It is amazing to see how well muscled girls get into trouble against a tiny Melanie's awesome body, simply because Melanie knows how best to weaken them.


Oldies But Goodies Part 4:melanie Scene 1

Starring: Not known

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