Councilmans Wife

2009 | Cezar Capone | Runtime: 1h 51min

Tags: Outdoors, One on one, Toys, Masturbation, Mature, Facial, Threesome, behind the scenes, Creampie, POV, Solo, Striptease, Blonde, Gonzo, Wife, All Sex, Couple, Feature, Politics, Popular With Women, Plot Oriented, bedroom, Doggy Style, Blowjob, Cowgirl, 69, Missionary Position, Cunnilingus, Locale, Interview, Hetero Couples, Reality, Celebrity

Ok, we offered Sarah Palin $3 million to do a sex video, but we got out bid by some book publisher by $4 million, but we found someone hotter and much more sexual. Jazella Moore, wife of the councilman from Ft. Myers, the former councilman from Ft. Myers, who could have gone on to be President of the United States someday. This potential First Lady gets her pretty hole pounded away by the boys next door. She really knows how to handle a cock and how to fuck a nice young meat. This cum crazed mommy isn't afraid to enjoy every inch of every cock she can find!' As an American you want to do your duty by watching this movie and jerking off every chance you get, I mean, she could have been Mrs. President someday!


Councilmans Wife Scene 1

Starring: Jazella Moore

Tags: Blonde, Masturbation, Solo, bedroom, Toys

Councilmans Wife Scene 2

Starring: Jazella Moore

Tags: Blonde, Solo, bedroom, Masturbation, Toys

Councilmans Wife Scene 3

Starring: Jazella Moore, Donny Long

Tags: Blonde, Doggy Style, Cowgirl, bedroom, Missionary Position

Councilmans Wife Scene 4

Starring: Jazella Moore

Tags: Blonde, Handjob, Living Room

Councilmans Wife Scene 5

Starring: Jazella Moore, Karlo Karrera

Tags: Blonde, Cowgirl

Councilmans Wife Scene 6

Starring: Jazella Moore

Tags: Not known

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