Medical Bound Enema Training 9

2012 | Bondage Designs | Runtime: Unknown | Series: Medical Bound Enema Training

Tags: Bondage, Lesbian

Sadistic lesbian Gian Rae has kidnapped Celeste to use for her own sick pleasure before selling her to a white slaver. The video begins with Celeste bound tightly with leather straps, hooded, blindfolded, and gagged. Gina intends to train Celeste and break her spirit using enemas and butt plugs. Bound constantly while held captive, Celeste is taken from room to room, humiliated over and over again. There is no expulsion filmed, but plenty of insertions and complaining by Celeste. If you like sexy girl/girl interaction, leather, enemas, medical play, or just a good creative storyline video, this is a msut have for your collection.


Medical Bound Enema Training 9 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Not known