Mean Girls Kick Ass 2

2012 | White Ghetto Films | Runtime: 1h 20min | Series: Mean Girls Kick Ass

Tags: Gonzo, Fetish, Blowjob, Cumshot, Interracial, Submales, All Sex, Genital Punishment, Submissive Male, Cbt, Femdom - F On M, Handjob, Cum In Open Mouth, Ball Sucking, Living Room, Cunnilingus, Biting / Nibbling, F On F, Humiliation, Bondage / Bdsm

White Ghetto brings you female domination, loads of messy cum, 100% ball teasing and dick sucking! She was beautiful, built and from what I'd heard, she loved getting screwed, but was I ever wrong! I wanted to get in her pants so badly, but what I hoped was going to be a sex-soaked night turned out to be anything but! This girl was really mean! I don't know what I did that she didn't like, but she let me have it from the minute I closed the door! And she never let up, I've never felt so helpless in my life, I was putty in her hands and couldn't do anything about it. And all that attitude from someone so incredibly gorgeous, it's just wrong! But I did kinda like it.


Mean Girls Kick Ass 2 Scene 1

Starring: Not known

Tags: Handjob, Living Room, Shaved, Cbt, Striptease

Mean Girls Kick Ass 2 Scene 2

Starring: Eric Jover

Tags: Handjob, Cbt, Face Sitting

Mean Girls Kick Ass 2 Scene 3

Starring: Sindy Rose

Tags: Handjob, Cbt

Mean Girls Kick Ass 2 Scene 4

Starring: Melrose Foxxx

Tags: Foot Fetish, Living Room

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