It's Huge 9

2007 | New Sensations | Runtime: 2h 9min | Series: Its Huge

Tags: One on one, Interracial, Facial, Latin, Lingerie, Tattoo, Brunette, Big Cock, Gonzo

What the Hell? That shit is huge! It's Shane Diesel and Ramon doing what they do best, and that's tearing pussies... one whore at a time. Jenae Kae, Emma Cummings, and Amina Sky get their cunts split when Shane pounds them with his massive dick. While Michelle Avanti and Lindsey Meadows get their pussies pwned by the big cock commando called Ramon. Ladies! Lock the doors and hide, because these cocks aren't just big... They're Huge!


It's Huge 9 Scene 1

Starring: Emma Cummings, Shane Diesel

Tags: Not known

It's Huge 9 Scene 2

Starring: Michelle Avanti, Ramon

Tags: Facial

It's Huge 9 Scene 3

Starring: Janae Kae, Shane Diesel

Tags: Facial, Interracial

It's Huge 9 Scene 4

Starring: Lindsay Meadows, Ramon

Tags: Not known

It's Huge 9 Scene 5

Starring: Amina Sky, Shane Diesel

Tags: Interracial

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