Joy Of Obeying

2005 | Colossal Entertainment | Runtime: 1h 59min

Tags: Anal, Outdoors, One On One, Toys, Big Tits, Facial, Latin, Fetish, Behind The Scenes, Gonzo, Bdsm, European, All Sex, Wet And Messy, Cowgirl, Cum On Camera Lens, Cum In Open Mouth, Spitting, Blowjob, Odd/Misc. Objects, Kissing, Cunnilingus, Tits Sucking, Domination - M On F, Hardcore

Obedience is a quality that's hard to come by in this day and age. It seems as though many girls have forgotten the sheer comfort that comes along with simply doing what you're told and not asking questions. These girls on the other hand are more than happy to oblige. Roll over, bend over, spread your legs and open your mouth are all simple enough instructions to follow. These little sluts do it well and with a smile!


Joy Of Obeying Scene 1

Starring: Valentina Velasques, Ricardo Bell

Tags: Blowjob, Cowgirl, Standing Doggy Style, Toys, Anal, Ass To Mouth, Oral Sex, Standing

Joy Of Obeying Scene 2

Starring: Cony Ferrara

Tags: Anal, Bondage, Big Tits, Doggy Style, Bedroom, Blowjob, Ass To Mouth, Oral Sex, Toys

Joy Of Obeying Scene 3

Starring: Candy Strong, Szabi

Tags: Outdoors, Big Tits, Cowgirl, Spooning, Shaved, Standing Doggy Style, Blowjob

Joy Of Obeying Scene 4

Starring: Miu Lee, Black Jack

Tags: Bondage, Shaved, Standing Doggy Style, Rim Job, Blowjob, Oral Sex

Joy Of Obeying Scene 5

Starring: Black Diamond, Lajos

Tags: Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Living Room, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex

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