Aliases: Michael (L), Michael (L)

Michael is an adult pornographic actress. Watch adult movies starring Michael here on VOD or purchase DVD.

A rising star in the world of adult entertainment, Michael is making waves with her alluring charm and uninhibited performances. Born and raised with natural breasts, this female performer exudes confidence as she takes on diverse roles and explores a variety of scenes that cater to a myriad of fetishes and preferences. Fans and critics alike have taken notice of Michael's talents since her debut into the industry, where she has appeared under the aliases of Michael (L) and Michael (L). Despite her relatively short career thus far, Michael has managed to establish herself as an artist unafraid to explore and express herself, both physically and creatively.

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Michael Information

Country: Unknown country

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Date of Birth:


Hair color:

Eye color:

Height: No data

Weight: No data


Natural boobs: Yes

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