Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer is an adult pornographic actor. Watch adult movies starring Sledge Hammer here on VOD or purchase DVD.

Sledge Hammer is a name that carries with it both fearsome power and unyielding strength, much like the man behind it. Born on February 9th, 1973 in the culturally rich country of Afghanistan, this Afghani-born black male pornstar has made quite the impression within the adult entertainment industry. With his striking height of six feet one inch, coupled with a weight of 260 pounds, Sledge's presence cannot be ignored. His glossy raven hair only adds to the intensity of his physical appearance, making him truly stand out amongst the rest. As he continues to build his reputation and carve his niche in the world of X-rated cinema, there's no doubt that Sledge Hammer will remain a formidable force to reckon with.

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2024 | Mayhem | Runtime: Unknown

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Sledge Hammer Information

Country: Afghanistan

Ethnicity: Black

Date of Birth: 1973-02-09


Hair color: Black

Eye color:

Height: 185cm (6ft 1in)

Weight: 118kg (260lb)

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