Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr

Aliases: Aiden Star, Lolita Lamorehand, Lolita LeMarchand, Abby Armshlong, Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Lola, Mistress Lolila

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Aiden Starr Information

Country: United States

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Date of Birth: 1979-08-27

Tattoos: 4-Finger Hand And 2 Japanese Characters Upper Right Back; Left Side Of Torso; Japanese Character Right Of Navel; Scorpion Front Of Upper Left Thigh

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Height: 150cm (4ft 11in)

Weight: 41kg (90lb)

Measurements: 34D-25-34

Natural boobs: Yes

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